TAG! You’re it.

I’ve decided to play a game of tag and am hereby calling 5 friends – Curly, Hayden, Laura, Daffy and OrSo to play with me. Ladies, below is a list of 10 questions. Please copy these questions, paste them into a new post on your own blog, then answer each in turn. I too will provide my own responses and post them first thing tomorrow morn. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR HUMORING ME.

1) You are going to be stranded, Survivor style, on a tropical island. You will have only the clothes on your back. Basic food & water will be provided. Name 3 things you would bring (and they cannot be PEOPLE).

2) Name one person (famous or not) you have a *secret crush* on and WHY.

3) What was the last thing you did before getting on the computer?

4) Name one thing you are ashamed of about yourself.

5) How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? Outline your routine on a typical day. Feel free to mention name brand items you use – shampoos, soap, toothpaste, etc. for interest and character development.

6) Since you all know I am food-obsessed, humor me by describing your last meal – if you could plan it.

7) What is your middle name? Does it have any significance?

8) Name one thing you have always wanted but HAVE NEVER HAD.

9) How did you meet your spouse or s/o?

10) Tell me a joke. Pictures are acceptable.

9 thoughts on “TAG! You’re it.

  1. i’m feeling up to the challenge but have to wait until later when i’m not on ‘school time’! 🙂 i’m already thinking of my answers–you’re so much fun for doing thisssss!

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