TAG! I’m it.

I am totally winded from that game of tag. Yes, I know you ladies wanted the upper hand, but making me wear the blindfold was a bit much. Good thing you spent so much time laughing at me. HAHAHA. YES, I may have a weird ear disease, BUT I AM NOT DEAF.

1) You are going to be stranded, Survivor style, on a tropical island. You will have only the clothes on your back. Basic food & water will be provided. Name 3 things you would bring (and they cannot be PEOPLE).

Strictly practical. No. 4 SUNSCREEN. Cherry chapstick. A hairbrush.

2) Name one person (famous or not) you have a *secret crush* on and WHY.

Now that I know my husband is JUST WAITING to read this, my crush will have to remain a secret forever. for all of our safety. But for a famous guy I might pick Jason Bateman. We were watching Arrested Development last night and he is very cute. He is also very funny, which for me is just as important. And after bald men I like brown hair best. I also think I would like a grown-up version of Harry Potter. Then if the dementors show up to kiss out my soul, he can rescue me with his Stag petronas. So I will leave it at that.

3) What was the last thing you did before getting on the computer?

Installed a plush tree house for my bird. It looks like this:

She is not using it (of course) preferring instead to eat. Perhaps she will use it later.

4) Name one thing you are ashamed of about yourself.

I am acutely claustrophobic.

5) How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? Outline your routine on a typical day. Feel free to mention name brand items you use – shampoos, soap, toothpaste, etc. for interest and character development.

Normally about 15 minutes; in the rare event I am leaving the house to go someplace fun (DATE NIGHT OUT!) then it may take me 30 minutes to choose an outfit & get dolled up, but that is a rarity. My regular routine is to wake up & brush teeth. I use Tom’s natural toothpaste b/c it doesn’t have chemical additives. Putz around the house for a while in my pjs, feed pets, update my website, check email. Decide it is finally *time* to get dressed. Take a shower. I mentally select an outfit while showering. I am not brand loyal (sorry Curly). We use whatever shampoo & conditioner I could find at the store not tested on animals b/c I cannot abide the thought of rabbits being blinded for the sake of my hair. NOTE: Target has a lousy selection of said products and they should be ashamed. I soap up with whatever soap we have purchased. I like Mysore sandal soap from the Indian grocery, I also use the white soap we have – I think it is Olay. I usually buy soap in bulk from BJs and choose whatever is cheap at the time. I do have very dry skin so I try to avoid deodorant soaps. My husband & I both use the same Dove deodorant which I put on before dressing. B/c he uses it too I always remember NOT to buy the fruity girly smelling scents. I do not want his coworkers thinking bad thoughts about my husband. After I get dressed, I put on a little makeup. All stuff you can buy at Target. I use tinted moisturizer, loose powder and (most days) mascara. Always cherry chapstick. I used to like mint chapstick really well but I never can find it. Did they stop making it? Perhaps someone could send me some if you find it. Last, I spritz myself with some expensive perfume – one of the non-cheap things I use. I have a variety of scents that I rotate so I always smell super. This description of getting dressed has taken me way longer to write and read than the process itself.

6) Since you all know I am food-obsessed, humor me by describing your last meal – if you could plan it.

My last meal would be buffet style b/c I love being able to eat 2 bites of 50 different things. I also like being able to get up and roam around whilst eating, b/c I bore so easily. My last meal buffet would include all of my favorite foods, and since I would be dead by dawn, for once in my life I wouldn’t have to worry about not eating salt. The food itself – too much to name. Suffice it to say the food and drink will be unforgettable and you will ALL BE INVITED.

7) What is your middle name? Does it have any significance?

My middle name is Angela. It has symbolic significance. My full name translates to “Angel of God.” NOT TOO SHABBY EH? I am glad I was not named chastity.

8) Name one thing you have always wanted but HAVE NEVER HAD.

A book deal.

9) How did you meet your spouse or s/o?

He used to work as a manager at a local indie video store & signed me up for an account when I came in. I had just driven an hour with the top down in my beloved former jeep and my hair was a MESS. He still came over to chat me up though. Either I am HOT or he was not too discriminating. As I was filling in my info on a clipboard, I looked up, we locked eyes and I KNEW HE WAS THE ONE. Love at first sight. Of course, he doesn’t remember the moment at all. Afterward, I would think about him all the time – even told my friends and family about THIS GUY I LIKED. But when I like a guy I am mortified being around them (fear of rejection) and so I was too embarrassed to go in and try talking to him. So I used my sister as a spy. Finally she tired of doing this – she was not interested in any of these video guys – and warned me that if I kept sending her in in my stead, he was going to think SHE LIKED HIM. I freaked, ran to the store. Walked in, made a beeline to one of the shelves. He came over w/in seconds to say hi, and The rest is history.

10) Tell me a joke. Pictures are acceptable.

The Nuclear Wave, courtesy of WTTF.

8 thoughts on “TAG! I’m it.

  1. “No. 4 SUNSCREEN. Cherry chapstick. A hairbrush.”

    I figured I would make a giant hat out of palm fronds. I wouldn’t need chapstick since I would be totally hydrated. And I wouldn’t need a hairbrush because I have no hair.

    You should have brought an MP3 player at the LEAST so you could watch all of Jason Bateman’s movie. :evil grin:

  2. Hehehe, thanks. I very much enjoyed reading about you.
    Since I am a slacker and did not have an “about me” section, I went ahead and posted the Q/A there.

    Good call on the book deal!

  3. Hayden: I did not realize you are BALD. WOW. Yes, I am a woman of small comforts and just could not do w/out my beloved chapstick. And since I would be completely alone on a tropical island, I could even go the way of the Yo La Tengo song Cherry Chapstick. Love that song! PS: I am not sure I would want nor need to see Jason Bateman’s other movies. No offense, Jason.

    OrSo: Loved reading your answers too – glad to have helped kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone. 🙂

    Curly: I too used to gnaw on lip smackers. The best were those oversized jumbo tubes on the string. YUM-YUM, quick snacking on the run!

    Daff: Thanks so much babe! There is actually more sweetness to that story but it was too long to post here. I’ll have to continue it later…

    Robot: Thank YOU! Keep up the great work. Just promise NO MORE DRUNKEN SILK SCREENING. But you can feel free to mail me the blurry mess-ups; w/ my love of wine I’d never notice.

  4. Sorry babe – just got in from my last day w/mommy. BOY WHAT A FUN WEEKEND! have to give you the details tomorrow. Yes of course I knew you weren’t really bald. But I NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD RAZZ-O-ROONIE!!! xoxo

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