PAY IT FORWARD – The Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who entered to WIN! in the Pay It Forward this week. Big thanks to my older daughter as well for helping me undertake the highly scientific and 100% random *Picking it from a Hat* drawing this morning. SO. w/out further ado, the three lucky winners of a lovely handmade necklace are….

Around the Funny Farm, Daffy, and Curly.

Congratulations ladies! And to all those who did not WIN BIG! in this exciting offer. I offer my heartfelt condolences. I will be sending emails to the 3 lucky winners asking for your choice of bead color/s and mailing addresses. I am hoping to get these lovely necklaces to you ASAP, so please get back to me w/ your info as quickly as possible. Many thanks & HAPPY MOTHERS DAY everyone!!

6 thoughts on “PAY IT FORWARD – The Winners!

  1. Drat!

    Ah well, you’ve inspired me regardless, now I just have to think of something I can make . . .

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Woooooooooooooooot! I’ll drop you an e-mail in the morning! Hope you had a great mothers day… it would match the great mum you are! :o)
    oh and did I remember to say…. woooooooooooooooot?

  3. OrSo and Hayden: I am sooooo sorry your names weren’t picked. If the P-I-F had been *fixed*, you know you’d be staring down little slips of paper w/your names on them right now.

    Curly: I am holding your necklace hostage just until you send me YOUR ADDRESS!! No airhorn or 2nd P-I-F necessary. You may want to suggest a color so you get something that matches your coloring. Nothing worse than the big clash!

    Daff: Got your addy & colors – thanks so much. I will get to working on these necklaces ASAP.

    FUNNY FARM!! If you are reading, please email me w/your info STAT. Thanks!

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