Monday morning cuteness: ZIGGY & PEPPER


ZIGGY and PEPPER. Ziggy’s the fuzzy peach tabby on the left and Pepper’s the lil sleepy gray girl on the right. The blonde one in the middle is of course my older daughter Maddie.

Our good friend Erika found the kittens (along w/ the rest of the litter) about 2 wks ago, abandoned in a park near her home. And…. what sick sonnavabitch can RESIST A KITTEN. NOT ME!!!! OF COURSE NOT. My husband insists we are simply “fostering” them.


Who’s he kidding? They’re ours for keeps. no give backs.

11 thoughts on “Monday morning cuteness: ZIGGY & PEPPER

  1. KITTENS!!! They are SO FREAKING CUTE! I wish I could visit you. Seriously, they are adorable.

    P.S. I just don’t understand how people can throw kittens away. Literally throw them away!

  2. Awwwww. I love tiger kittens. I love little gray kittens. I love calico kittens. I love… ok, I’ll quit, but you get the idea. Your daughter is ADORABLE!

  3. Hayden, you would love these little furrballs – they’re even cuter & more cuddly in person. AND HUNGRY> man, oh man, do these kittens like to EAT. In addition to kitten kibble we’re feeding them KRM “Kitten replacement milk” b/c they are so young, and it’s fun mixing up kitten formula every morning. I think it’s making me broody.

    Thanks so much Tracie! I am partial to Maddie too, though the kittens are also adorable.

    Curly babe, the gray one does look EXACTLY like you, it is amazing. You’re not missing your younger sister or niece, are you???

  4. There is way too much cuteness going around this blog. Kittens are adorable!!! Maddie is way cute! Maddie and my grandson look like they could be cousins or even brother and sister. Same hair, very similar eyes and forehead!

  5. ummm…i want your camera. and i want your sangria recipe. and i hope you are feeling better. and this post is awesome. i’m going to forward it to a couple of people who got to meet those kittens so they can see what an amazing home they have!
    you guys are great “foster” parents …he he..;)

  6. Your daughter and my stepdaughter could be sisters! Crazy! Does she like her blonde hair? My step daughter hates it because of all the attention! She gets so mad when people say “people pay good money for that hair color”

  7. Hi Christy, your dog in the background is killing me!
    Look at me! I have a tennis ball! I’m far cuter than those two critters! ;o)
    I’m thinking of a song….
    There may be trouble ahead…..
    (I’m not singing it in tune of course)
    but I am ready for a front row seat as I watch the future antics of these two!

  8. Connie, you are too sweet! I will have to check out some of your pix.

    My lovely Erika, NO GIVE BACKS.
    Having said that, the camera wants you too. It keeps telling me to get my filthy paws off its body. WELL. I never. Click here for the SANGRIA RECIPE and ENJOY baby! PS: will call you later today about “arrangements”..

    Michelle – people say that ALLLL the time. And Maddie keeps asking me when I’m going to let her dye her hair. Black. Or Pink. YEP. Grass is always greener. ALWAYS.

    HEYYA Pisky! YES I DO, and Thanks!

    DAff – I am SO GLAD YOU NOTICED THAT. I kept thinking, am I the only one who sees this poor creature sitting there like HEY WHAT AM I . CHOPPED LIVER??? Thankfully Max is a very patient dog. I have been trying to spoil him extra so he’s not feeling left out. THAT’S A GOOD BOY.

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