HALLOWEEN 1977 – Bunny

HALLOWEEN 1980 – Bum (sister now wearing old Bunny costume)

HALLOWEEN 1994 – Great White Huntress (w/ Hills as Princess Leah)

HALLOWEEN 1995 – Disco Queen (with Gansta Lez)

HALLOWEEN 2007 – On Cruise – wearing my wig


HALLOWEEN 2008 – Straight from IKEA! The Swedish Shopping Bag

13 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  1. A+++ on your costume! I get so tired of seeing the same old thing and I always LOVE IT when someone has an original idea for a change.

    suzanne is right..you should totally mail that picture to IKEA and get a deal to make commercials for them. Considering that they’re based in Sweden, your gorgeous blonde hair (which of course I’m awfully envious of!) would definitely be a plus!

    P.S. Stephanie — good recovery after a creepy start to your comment! 🙂

  2. oooh!!! so gooood. love all the costumes–i was WAITING for some ‘childhoo’ dishy photos to surface.

    the ikea bag is divine. i’m sure you didn’t give a small boy nightmares for the rest of his life like i did tonight. it was awful. in an attempt to make him feel better, i followed him down the road to give him a big candy bar and he had a TOTAL meltdown. it was horrendous.

  3. You are such a cute bunny! It’s amazing how great you look as a brunette, too. Yep, they’re all good. Not like me in my “bookworm” costume! (Quite a few years back, I hasten to add)

  4. Hope everyone had a fabbbbbulous Halloween.


    Connie, I found the blue suit at the thrift shoppe for $3.95. It’s from FINLAND, and is made of some space age polymer. Whisper thin material. When you slip it on you can’t believe how light it is, but it keeps you unbelievably warm. PERFECT for the ski team! I may wear it this winter around the house.

    Hayden, could you be any sweeter?? Thank you for the boost of confidence – not always easy when you are dressed as a bag. PS: I ADORE MY WIG.

    THANKS BOUNCY! (I think.) 😉

    HEY SOOBER! No. I’ve not quite reached that level of 1) sewing prowess OR 2) insanity. Yet.

    Thanks Carrie! I am seriously considering sending it to IKEA. No harm, right? PS: HAHAHHAH!

    Curly babe – sorry to hear you terrified the locals. But glad to hear you had fun doing it (sort of) and the party was a raging success. YAY!

    Thanks Michelle!! Hope you had a great time w/ the kids. 🙂

    Tracie, I’d love to see that bookworm costume – very clever! Thanks for the sweet compliments. You are always lovely!

    Bouncy – LOVED your lion costume. You’ve got the skillz.

  5. Oh my! Love it!!! You have to stop by and see my bacon! My next post will be with my tramp gear for my adult version of halloween! Mom’s have to have fun too!!

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