Target’s dollar week, MY ASS.

I don’t normally read Sunday circulars, but as we’re hard up for money and this week’s Target ad promises DOLLAR WEEK (***hearts & stars***), I made an exception.  Friends, I give you EXHIBIT A.



You can see for yourselves the very same Bullseye & Bold Print which drew me in.

On closer inspection of the cover, however, I was dismayed to find nary an item on sale for a dollar.  Tide for $11. Charmin for $13.  Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, 5 for $10 bucks.  Hmm.  That’s odd. I thought.  Maybe they’ve saved all the real dollar deals for inside?   And so I leafed through this week’s Target circular.  CAREFULLY.  All 16 pages.  And how many of the 150-plus products advertised this dollar week did I find listed at $1?  Two.



I cannot speak for you, but the words dollar week on the front of this week’s Target circular, to me, mean stuff selling for a dollar.  Not $11.  Not $8.  BUT ONE SINGLE DOLLAR.

Not to put too fine a point on it.  But what exactly is the meaning of a dollar week if 99% of the products advertised are selling for more than a dollar?

Would it not simply be the same week as last week, and every other week of the year, in which Target sells its stuff for more than a dollar?  And refers to its sales simply as sales?  Wouldn’t every store be having a Dollar Week THIS AND EVERY WEEK, if indeed the true definition of “dollar week” is really MORE THAN ONE DOLLAR after all?

11 thoughts on “Target’s dollar week, MY ASS.

  1. just one more reason for me to despise tar-jay. try walgreens and cvs–sign up for their rewards programs and you can get some pretty good deals. i think jenefur blogged about it a while ago–lots of bogos and cheeeeeap stuff.

  2. We have a ‘Pound Shop’ and not alot is a single pound! However, they could get away with the fact that the shop is not called One Pound Shop… I hear you though! I hear you!

  3. You’ve got to learn to read these advertisements.

    What that means is thay they are knocking off all the cents and rounding everything up to even dollar amounts. 🙂

  4. Ok, Dish, it’s a new week… time to move on. After all, where did you think that big ole target was painted – in the middle of your forehead! If you want cheap, go to Wallyworld. So, are you excited about the inauguration tomorrow? Did you get tickets? (Did you hear about the lady whose ticket got eaten by her dog!?!)

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