Big Foot? That You?

Last night my husband & I were out on our back porch, stargazing.  It was late (around midnight), and dark.  After viewing through the binoculars and telescope for a while, we decided to relax for a few minutes before turning in.  We’re sitting there quietly, when we hear this rustling noise coming from the other side of the yard, maybe 60-70 ft away.  The first time we heard it, neither of us said anything, but after the 2nd or 3rd time, my husband asked, “Do you hear that?”  I said, “Yes.”  But it was hard to make out what it could be.  We keep a box fan in the room right above the porch, and the whirring noise of the motor was drowning out the sound.  Another rustle.  Then another.  My husband announced he was going in to get the flashlight.  “But what if it’s a Yeti?” I joked.  He went inside.  The rustling noises continued.  Sitting there in the dark, alone, I was getting a bit nervous.  I started thinking about Big Foot.  You know, I don’t think they’ve ever truly discounted his existence completely..  What if…?  I counted the seconds.  John seemed to be taking his sweet time.  That big flashlight was just in the adjacent room, what could be taking him so long?  I heard the fan switch off above me.  What the hell-?  HE’S UPSTAIRS?!  Another few minutes ticked by.  I was starting to sweat, wondering whether I’d be carted off by the time he got back.  The rustling noises had increased slightly in intensity and volume, perhaps b/c the fan was off – or maybe b/c Big Foot was getting hungrier.  And Closer.  FINALLY. John stepped back out onto the porch.  I breathed an audible sigh of relief and said, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?”  He explained he had to go to the bathroom.  I told him I could have been eaten by the Yeti, which at that point was nearly visible across the yard (in my mind, anyway).  He laughed and sat down beside me.  Very quietly we counted 1,2,3, then ON with the flashlight.  Light blazed across the yard, illuminating the guinea pigs’ pen, and one extremely determined red fox perched right on top!  The fox stopped pawing the lid and looked up, as if to say. “Excuse me?”  We stared at each other for several seconds, before John stood up to make chase.  The fox took off, hesitantly, and we went to check on our poor pets.  They were all fine.  Fortunately the handmade pen is super sturdy and has a thick, wire lid for exactly this purpose (to thwart would-be predators).  I petted the piggies, and then worried out loud about the fox coming back.  My husband reassured me, “Oh, I’m sure he will, babe.  He’s probably here every night.”

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    1. lol. i just read a book that was set in maine and if i heard the main character disparage one more new resident as ‘from away’ i was going to choke.

      seriously, if your ancestors didn’t float over on the mayflower and hot foot it to maine, you’re considered FROM AWAY. way to make a person feel welcome. 🙂

  1. We had a GIANT POSSUM who was (is??) using our yard as a giant thorough-fare. I love me some animals but if he hurts any of my beloved kittens, I will get the shovel.

    I don’t know if I could take out a fox though. They’re kind of cute. Dangit.

    1. Hayden, we are truly living Wild Kingdom here. This morning I was awakened – not by light or the kids, but by the lead heavy scent of skunk spray. It was so strong, it smelled like the thing was under the bed. This is the umpteenth time we’ve smelled it like this – I fear we have one living in our yard, or worse – beneath the porch. I warned the girls to RUN THE OTHER WAY if they encounter our black & white “friend” – this is one critter I do not wish to meet.

      The fox though – oh I love them. This is the third we’ve seen since moving in. 2 red and 1 silver, which was actually quite dark in color, more brownish than the name would suggest.

      Those opossums are scary. Maybe just in look – but seriously, you meet one by chance, late at night, those teeth’ll scare the crap out of you! We had a baby one fall into one of our recycling bins in Philly. I think he was going for the cat food cans. Anyway, he couldn’t get out, I didn’t know what to do! I carried the bucket off the porch, and my neighbor told me just to turn it on its side and gentle “dump him.” Duhh.. I must have been over-emotional or something not to have figured it out – but I did it, he just kind of scurried off. Cute, but creepy!


  2. Crap. I was hoping for the Yeti. That would so so bloody cool! Still… a fox would make a nice collar to keep you warm this Winter. Just sayin’!

    1. I KNOW! I was both hoping for and against. If it turned out to be Big Foot, we could have retired on the photo proceeds alone.. yet, loss of limb makes me thankful it was a fox.

      We have a Cryptozoology Museum here in Portland. Definitely add it to your list of “must sees” if you ever come to visit!

  3. You will need to build your own Chickatarium (what was it that John called i?) when you get those chicks! That fox is going to be busy.

      1. Oh you know it, Laura!

        For everyone else:
        Our back door neighbor has built the chicken coop to top all others (hence John dubbing it The Chickominium). If we ever get our own chicks we’re going to build our coop along the same lines. He has a standing chicken building, enclosed by an octagonal wire-fenced yard, and the whole assembly is built around this great big tree, adding interest and stability to the structure. I LOVE IT. I’ll have to get photos – it’s so awesome!

  4. I was sitting in the gazebo at the end of the dock and heard this giant splash…all I could think was GATOR…I ran zig zaggedy all the way to the house!!! it was probably a fish or a turtle…I wasn’t hanging around to find out…too many gators in SC

  5. we also have a lizard man legend…very similar to the Yeti only covered in scales. lots of swampy, murky places down here.

    Foxes are “cute” but they will eat the heck out of chickens and anything else if given the opportunity and they are smart. Might want to move the piggies!

    1. Hahahhah!! I can so see you boogieing up from that dock!! You Smart woman, you!

      As for the Lizard Man legend – CREEPY! Big Foot might be hairy and BIG, but at least he’s not covered in slime. Maybe it’s the ape in me, but I’ll take a monkey man over reptile any day.

      As for that wily fox – he was back yesterday and it wasn’t even dark! Just after dinner, we were leaving for the beach and spied him over by the GPs’ pen. I had just thrown bread out for the turkeys – he seemed to be eating that, but maybe that was just a STARTER?! We can’t encourage his habits in our yard. I whispered to Max – Go GET HIM! There’s no way Max could catch that fox, but I think it’s good to make him THINK just maybe..


  6. Your vacation pictures are wonderful. Smokey Mountains? Loved the wedding pictures. Everyone was BEAUTIFUL. Glad you have Max with you. Have a wonderful time; this is when lifetime memories are made. Kate

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