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I am someone who not just likes yogurt; I love it.  But when it comes to Stonyfield Farm, it’s more honest to describe my feelings as LOVE (all caps).  It’s been a passionate affair, me and SF.  In the beginning it was honeymoon hot.  We’d rendezvous daily – on average, 12 oz. – sometimes more.  Over the ensuing months, I started noticing others.. but still. SF remained first in my heart.  Back in 2008, when I won a Stonyfield Recipe of the Month contest, I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of yogurt pleasure.  Until, that is, we moved to Maine and I was finally afforded an in-person visit to the very birthplace of my beloved, Stonyfield Farm’s Yogurt Works.  Perhaps that face-to-face meeting was the turning point.  I always knew how much I loved him, but I never dreamt he felt the same way about ME.  Now.  I know it’s true.

Weeks ago I was in the throes of Dress Quest 2010.  I’d driven north to check out a chi-chi shoppe, when suddenly I saw concrete (or maybe aluminum siding) proof that SF LOVES ME JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE HIM!


Tucked into an upscale strip mall just north of Portland in the town of Falmouth, Maine, is MY BOYFRIEND the restaurant to top all others.  The one, the only, Stonyfield Café. When first I spied his distinctive blue & yellow sign, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.  You know when you reaaaaaaalllly reeeeeallllly like someone, and you search for them wherever you go, just hoping to catch a glimpse?  Well, this first meeting felt exactly like that.  But BETTER.  I was (as I said) embroiled in Dress Quest 2010, just a few frocks short of institutionalization.  My sanity was hanging on a dime.  I blinked once, I blinked twice.  But three blinks later, SF was still there.  (That guy above w/ the chairs wasn’t there yet.  Or he might have noticed my SHEER UNBRIDLED DISBELIEF.)  I floored it into the ample parking lot, hustled my kids from the car and literally HOOFED IT into the restaurant.  (For fear it would disappear before I got in.)

Once inside, I gazed in wonder at the beauty of his form..

Despite my daughters’ cool exteriors, I was a jangle of nervous palpitations.  OOOoHhhHhhHHHHH!!!  Good thing SF already loves me more than any other girl on the face of the planet (don’t be jealous) AND knows how to be forceful when necessary!  We dutifully took our place in the queue.

Here we are, self-seated and ready to tuck in.  The girls got Mac & Cheese kids meals w/ homemade flatbread – baked right there in SF’s MIGHTY BRICK OVEN.

Just looking at it made me HOT ALL OVER!

Phew!  So warm in here.. I opted for something lighter to help cool me down.  A Balsamic Cran Salad – no “extra protein” necessary.  With a Chocolate Underground yogurt, for afters, of course.

The first bite.  And the verdict is……???

MMmmMmmmmm!  SF is GOOOOOOD.  So good in fact that we inhaled our lunch in mere minutes.  (Pardon me.)

I didn’t want to embarrass anybody by licking my plate like an animal, but I would have, if only SF and I had been ALONE.  (grrooowwwwlll)

NEXT. Time to freshen up!  OOOooh SF, I’ll ALWAYS be your GAL!

Afterward I noticed how wonderful SF is – providing ample seating for a larger family, as well as free comfy space for community groups to gather.  That is just so thoughtful!  (Stud.)

And then. it truly was goodbye.  SF begged me to share a glass (or three) of organic wine with him, or splurge on some frozen yogurt for the kids.  But it was still early, and the girls were full.  So with that we parted ways.  But not for long.  Be seeing you soon, SF!  Try not to miss me too much.  xo

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  1. You need professional help, and I mean that in the nicest way possible!

    It’s funny, I was thinking of you and your SF obsession today. Jess and I were watching Thr Barefoot Contessa and she put an entire container of plain SF yogurt into a sieve lined with paper towel and drained it overnight. She then took the drained yogurt and added honey, fresh peaches, fresh rasberries, toasted almonds, and peach nectar. It looked SO good. Please good and make it…then blog it with pics!!!!


      NO NO NO!! I am sorry babe – but that stuff is called Yogurt CHEESE – and although SF sent me a (hair net like) maker when I won that contest – I tried it once and once was enough. No joke.

      I will eat the honey, fruit, juice and nuts with my regular yogurt (fat free french vanilla) and think of you. Hope that will suffice. (It will have to)

      PS: I am aware most other people do not like yogurt this much. What do I say? Yippee, More for me!

        1. Nat, my sweet, she can call it whatever she wants, but I am telling you – when you drain yogurt like this and leave it in the fridge overnight it is Yogurt CHEESE.

          Dig in! (in this case I am giving it all to YOU!)


          1. BUT she adds liquid the next day to reconstitute it! and she adds fresh fruit instead of the nasty fruit jelly that is in most yogurts.

            if you don’t behave, i’m going to send you a BIG box of yogurt cheese in the mail. imagine how yummy that will smell after a few days in the heat. lol.

          2. Please- I’ll do anything. NOOOOOOOO!

            I’ll admit it does sound better knowing it’s been re-liquified. (But still too cheese-like in my book!)

            Hope you’re having fun making it. Hope Ant is feeling BRAVE. LOL

  2. When you guys come down, we have to go to this place called Yoforia. It is all organic, frozen yogurt-no sugar or anything, in about 12 flavors. The original tastes just like SF plain yogurt. Then you can put on any topping you want as much as you want, fruits, nuts or candy and it is all done by weight. So good. No SF cafe in Atlanta but we do have this place.
    Love you and can’t wait to see you!!!

    1. MMMMMmMmMMM!!!

      Oooh that sounds DELISH! Can’t wait to try it – But moreso, to SEE YOU! We are all sooooo excited!!!

      PS: I wasn’t joking about Stonyfield loving me as much as I love HIM. This is the one & only Stonyfield Cafe in the world. And it’s a 10 minute drive from my house. Coincidence..??? I think NOT.


      Boy I’d have hated that. Nothing worse than “I swear, this has never happened before.” NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW.

      PS: At least he didn’t say he had a headache. Sheesh.

      PPS: Good thing I keep that bag of “natural charcoal” in the car – just in case of emergency!

      PPPS: Mmmmmm. yoguuuurt. xoxo~!

  3. Looks like a wonderfully delightful place I’d love to visit.

    Don’t think I could use a ladies called, “Gals.” It is my second least favourite word in English. My first least fave begins with “F.”

  4. Ok, WOW. That definitely looks like a place you would LOVE. Fun, open, airy, modern yet natural. If you hadn’t already been all about the SF, this definitely would have made it happen.

    P.S. This is exactly how I think I would feel about Hershey, PA. Now all I need is a Ghiradelli Village. Yes! Please!

    1. ant and i ate our way through hershey just last month. it was quite delish! we didn’t even pretend that we were going to the theme park. we just went to the welcome center, took the tour, did a chocolate tasting, rode the trolley, and spent an exorbitant amount of money on CANDY. ahahah.


  5. Oooh Hayden, having grown up nearby, I can also attest to the brilliance of Hershey, PA. We used to go annually as kids, staying at the Hershey Lodge or Hotel Hershey. Then when I worked for the PA Supreme Court, we’d stay there for meetings – which were catered to the 9s – oh my goodness. The food was spectacular! and unlimited chocolate, of course. Last time we went we did the tour – and bought a ton of chocolate. You truly must go w/ Chris. The park is a blast too! LOVE IT!

  6. Yay! You found your true love! LOL

    I was once giddy like this over a frozen custard shop called Goodberry’s. Delicious frozen custard called “Concrete.”

    Jason’s Deli tickles my fancy nowadays! I love to watch him make sandwiches while I’m sitting in the booth across from the sandwich prep station. *sigh*
    I also adore his organic flatbread crackers. Yum!

    1. I can’t imagine custard called ‘concrete’ – but am guessing it had a lot of mix-ins??

      Mmm. Jason & his deli both sound DELISH! Remind me to stop by if I ever travel south.

      Hope all’s well!

  7. Yummy, yummy, yummy. The place looks very inviting and unique. I could almost smell the newly cook bread. I enjoy your zest for life, about your family , your passions, the places you visit. Stay blessed in you journeys.

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