The Finished Deck.

Aren’t friends great?  I mean aside from good company, they’re always there to remind you of stuff.  Like, last weekend, friends stopped by and in the course of chatting mentioned how much they like our back deck.  I was flattered, of course, but it also prompted me to remember.  I never posted about the finished project!

When I last left off, our deck had flooring and not much else.

Next step? trim off the excess wood & install a privacy fence.

Our home is on a busy street and we prefer privacy whilst dining al fresco.  PS: Al fresco is Italian for ‘in the open air‘ not ‘in the nude‘ – though I suppose with this great fence up that’d work too.

You can see that big ole pile of crap construction debris to the side.

Fortunately we had 2 jumbo dumpsters delivered to the house just in time!  (remember Spring Break Dole House style..?)  Once we had that cleared away it was onto building a step surrounding the two sides of the porch for easy on-off.

On the driveway side, we hid the underbelly with some simple lattice.

Onto landscaping!  And since we hate yew, that was the first thing to go.

We then planted sod and grass seed to cover the bare spots.

And finally, here we are today!  Ta-Dahhhh!!  All done.

And just for comparison’s sake, here’s the before shot:

The end.

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  1. Congrats to you and your husband. Great work. Cool idea for Privacy, relaxation, dining. Your DIY project always amazes me. Best of all the entire family takes part in it. Time for some BBQ. Take care.

  2. ….I was wondering when we were going to see the fininshed job….looks well-worth waiting for!… you need the weather….for goodness sake don’t knock over the lit barbecue onto all that lovely new wood!

    1. Seriously Harry, that would be one big ashy mess. We used to have a big gas grill but gave it to one of our friends when we left Philly. This lil guy was all we could manage at our apt when we first got to Portland. He works well, but b/c of the size we somehow manage to char grill (read: blacken) pretty much everything that touches his grates..

  3. What a great garden and deck. I’m also interested in garden and I’m busy for keeping my garden clean on weekend. Have a great day. 🙂

  4. That step-down is perfect for accessability, especially if one is running to escape whatever/whomever. The privacy fence makes an important difference. You and your backyard doings become intimately your own, no matter what time of the day. The shrubs along the back give you privacy from the back; the large stone wall plus the thick bushes & hemlocks at the side yard, the same. The fence on the deck also provides security for your backyard animals/birds. Great job, Kate

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Yes, we are enjoying the privacy — it’s funny living on such a busy street, you’d never even know it from the backyard. It’s incredibly private.

  5. The new deck looks very nice. I’m not sure I’d let the dog use a reciprocating saw, though, no matter how much you hate yews.

  6. It looks FAN-FREAKING-AMAZING. Well done, y’all! Chris and I are actually working on a patio extension at the moment, then we’ll hit the deck. (Ha ha! I kill me.)

    Our projects always seem to take a million years to but you finish yours so expeditiously!

    1. Thanks so much, Hayden!! And best of luck w/ your projects. Be sure to post pix on FB when you’re done, pls & thank you!

      As for the fast pace, John & I are intense. We get an idea and GO WITH IT (for good bad or ugly) 😉

      Love ya babe! XO

  7. So pretty! Well worth the stings and cuts and whatever else that poor project inflicted upon your too-motivated family. I’ll be over soon for the resulting bonfire and marshmallow-roasting! (I assume that’s what’s REALLY happening with all of the “crap”.)

    1. Don’t I wish. A bonfire would have been heavenly compared to the days of back-breaking labor filling those TWO JUMBO DUMPSTERS… sigh.

      But I’m more than happy to eat s’mores now. Yes, right now. 9:44 am.

  8. I’m continually impressed by how handy you and your husband are! What a dapper looking deck, Dishy!
    Perfectly done for outdoor dining… Al dente Al fresco.
    (Okay, that last bit sounded witty in my head until I realized it makes no sense what-so-ever. Yet I was STILL to proud of that ‘gem’ to delete it. *sigh*)

  9. Looks great, and I keep forgetting to tell you how impressed I am with your house. I love Georgians, and yours appears to have particularly gracious proportions. Enjoy August in Maine, the best time ever.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, it is spacious. A friend was over recently and we were laughing, saying it must have been the (quote) “Mac Daddy pad of its day!” Oh yes..


      August in Maine so far.. mid-70s. Sunshine (and a little rain, which the plants appreciate). Perfect.

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