Roadtrip Hotlanta: Day One

Howdy ya’ll!!!  Or as they say here in New England, Hello.  I’m safe and sound in the great state of Massachusetts!  It’s been raining all day off-and-on, but whatevs.  I’m on VAcATIoN!!

I left Portland before 9 am and drove south in a steady spit.  I was hoping the rain would rinse off my dirty car, but no.  The first half of the day was spent at the Worcester Art Museum (code name: WAM).  I’d never been to Worcester before and thanks to the drizzle didn’t mosey about town, but the museum itself is aces.  4 floors of ancient relics, architecture, armor, and artwork.  My favorite part?  A brand-new exhibit by Hassan Hajjaj called “My Rock Stars.”

image image image

In one word: WOW.  If this exhibit were edible (and I wish it was), it’d taste like pure joy.  A blend of the exotic and familiar, it’s like a sweet and savory rainbow.  The colors and patterns, wall coverings, furniture, framed photographs, even the fashions, a handcrafted, hypnotic feast.  I wanted to wheel in my suitcase and stay for dinner.  The only downer?  They don’t sell a CD of the music, which they really, really should.  Still.  A+, WAM.  Well done.

The remaining afternoon was spent 30 mins south at Old Sturbridge Village.

image image image

OSV, as it’s known, is a “living museum” – a recreated 1830s New England town, complete w costumed townsfolk.  Being a wet November day, I thought it might be quiet, but No.  New Englanders are stoic and they were out in droves, hoods up and nary an umbrella in sight (save mine).  Their famous fortitude was almost as impressive as the array of buildings, artifacts, and animals.  I savored learning more about cooking over the hearth, and listened hungrily as the knowledgable cook described the Thanksgiving dishes she’d prepared. Afterward I  enjoyed watching a pack of rats fighting over undigested morsels in the steer pen.  I’m a highbrow, what can I say.  All the trades and technologies of the time were represented and I look forward to returning in better weather and season, with more ample time, and (hopefully) my family too.

Till tomorrow friends!  HINT: I’m feeling lucky.

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    1. Hah! Rat watch 2015!

      Thanks so much for the comment; what a slacker I’ve become w blogging this trip! Heading to Hotlanta today!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

      I’ve got postcards..!!!

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