Feeling Better.

Just a minute to write, but I really want to thank H. & C. for the kind words. Much appreciated!

Getting perspective does wonders. I went on a field trip yesterday with my older daughter’s class to historic Bartram’s Garden here in Philly. What a neat place! and what a wonderful way to let the steam blow through your body and out into the world – walking through the grounds, laughing and learning, stamping to stay warm in the blustery cold. I love being with my kids, and getting to spend half a day not only with them, but with another 23 amazing young people was a real treat. They’re just like sponges – open and accepting and so thirsty for knowledge!

I need to get out more, spend less time thinking about life and more time living it.

Now I’m off to the dentist! and if that ain’t a dose of reality, I don’t know what is.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Better.

  1. Hey, thanks!

    About the salt substitute, my doctor warned me not to use it when I was first put on the low sodium diet. There are serious risks associated w/ excess potassium intake – read more about it here on wikipedia:


    So I would strongly advise against using it. MSG is terrible for you – so I’m very glad you don’t use it. I would try substituting fresh and dried herbs, ground pepper and spices, lemon juice or vinegar when you cook. Often it helps to compensate for the lack of salty flavor by introducing another sort of taste – for instance try something a little sweet to set a different tone. You get the drift.. I know it’s hard – and it will take at least 2-3 weeks for a palate to adjust to the lack of salt. But once you get used to it, you start to recognize a whole host of flavors in the simplest things – tastes that used to be masked by the overpowering flavor of salt.

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