I AM your own PERSONAL CUPID. I am serious.

A couple days ago I posted about finding a bunch of vintage valentines at the thrift shop, and how I’d been struck by the sweetness of it all. Well – when I bought the whole big whopping sack of them, I suspected there were probably more than I could use, but I hadn’t realized precisely how many until I actually counted them last night. 65. WOW. That’s a lot of valentines. If I use one per year for the next 65 years, I’ll be dead before they are gone.

So I started thinking about My poor dead self – dead. and all those unsent valentines. Sitting unused in some dusty desk – or thrown out in the trash. Or recycled into new 2073 Valentines. And all those choice 1980s sentiments gone.

SO I thought about that for a while last night, while drinking my wine and watching Arrested Development. and noticing how unbelievably adorable Jason Bateman is and how young he looks, like he cannot possibly be 39 because he looks so great and so YOUNG and , and. wow. 65 valentines that is a lot. I could send them all out this year – you know carpe diem, SEIZE THE DAY and all that. It is Valentine’s Day after all and I am ALL ABOUT LOVE. But somehow I think it might be a bad idea for me to send 65 people suggestive cards suggesting that we get it on. What if they all showed up at the same time? That’s a lot of chex mix. Not to mention the fact that my husband is a very jealous man. Just look at him in this year’s Christmas photo.

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for a man to swing an axe living in the city.

So when my blog buddy Hayden commented yesterday asking where she could sign up for some cards – I thought hey, maybe I should do it. Maybe I SHOULD make some Valentine’s Day dreams come true -or at least make somebody’s V-day a whole lot funnier. We need more laughter these days.

Therefore I am officially making the offer to be YOUR OWN PERSONAL CUPID this Valentine’s season. I have 65 “new” (really vintage 1980s) Recycled Paper Products Inc. valentine cards up for grabs. Most of them involve risque humor, not ideal for grandma, kids, or your boss (unless of course you are sleeping with your boss), but some are okay for them too. You can click through and actually view the entire selection HERE. With the help of my husband above, who helped me ever-so-kindly scan them. If you find a card (or cards) that speaks to you, email and let me know. I will be happy to personalize it as instructed by you and mail it to the UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY recipient of your choice, or you can of course opt for poetic license and have me create my own imaginative greeting FOR YOU. Now we’re talking real FUN.

So, in summary, if you would like me to be YOUR OWN PERSONAL CUPID, simply CLICK HERE to select a card, email me with the Title, recipient info, etc. and I will be happy to make your Valentine’s day dreams come true. BUT HURRY – ONLY WHILE LIMITED SUPPLIES LAST!

9 thoughts on “I AM your own PERSONAL CUPID. I am serious.

  1. I am posting this on PI tomorrow. It’s the coolest thing ever. I just want to get the 411 straight before I do – S&H required? Free? Will you add a message, or signature? Do you accept donations, lol?

  2. Sounds great!

    Okay – here’s the deal-e-o. I will do this for free in the spirit of LOVE, but will of course VERY GLADLY receive free-will donations.

    If you would like to donate to my very worthy cause (bringing LOVE to the world through my free racy valentines) please go to PAYPAL.COM. Click on the “send money” link and enter in my account email address christin AT ellingsworth DOT org (That’s C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N Christin at ellingsworth dot org).

    As for sentiments, I’ll write whatever you ask me to, as long as it’s not hurtful or offensive. Sexy, great! Hot, terrific! Mean-spirited jerky greetings, ask someone else. This is a day of LOVE.

    Or, if you want I will gladly get creative and write my own. It would help to know something – anything – about the recipient. Something they like, favorite song or color, etc.

    Oh! and I can “fake” different types of handwriting. Please specify if you want it in something other than female scribble-scrabble. I can also spritz with perfume if desired. The whole nine-yards.

    I am planning on mass mailing these out Monday, February 11th, so get your orders in before the deadline.

    Thanks & Good luck!

  3. Has your hubby got a handle bar coming out of his head!

    Godd luck with the cards. You know who I would send one too if I could… I don’t know his name *rolls eyes* but he was in the film Angel Eyes with JLo and he was the baddie in Dejavu.
    Now he is a proper burly dude. Worthy of a card or 65… :o)

  4. Okay people – it’s last call for alcoh – I mean VALENTINES! I mailed the first batch this morning and the second (and last) batch is going out tonight. Orders placed by 5 PM will be honored. I have updated the page to reflect remaining inventory, so please choose accordingly and send your request to christy AT thedailydish DOT us.

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