Attention DAILY DISH Readers

Today’s recipe – Salmon Cakes – will be my last new post for a week. We are celebrating my grandmother’s 95th birthday with extended family this weekend and I’ll be BUSY!!! Unfortunately, waaaaaay too busy to make updates to the website. I will resume regularly-scheduled posting on Wednesday, April 30th, once the craziness has died down and everyone has returned home. Till then, please feel free to browse the Recipe Index at your leisure for hundreds of mouth-wateringly delicious low-sodium dishes. Many thanks for your continued support and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!

7 thoughts on “Attention DAILY DISH Readers

  1. Hi Christy!
    Those salmon cakes look delicious! I am always looking for new, healthy, easy-for-a-toddler-to-eat recipes that my fifteen month old son can enjoy too… I think I will try these this weekend! Have a great time celebrating your grandmothers 95th- amazing!!!


  2. DD. I had forgot about the delectible salmon cake. Thanks for the reminder. Nice and easy Saturday dish. We’ll be having salmon today. Thanks! Have a great week!



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