OH MY GOODNESS. Can you imagine my SHOCK & AWE when I opened up my PO Box last night to find THIS LITTLE BABY waiting for me??!!

WOWZA!! Curly, YOU are the BEST. A true friend, through and through. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU~!!!

NOW. Not only can I send the hookers scrambling back into the darkened alleyways from whence they sprang — BUT just seeing this little beauty has also INSPIRED ME. TO THINK OF ALL ITS OTHER MAGNIFICENT USES!!!






OH YEAHHHHH.. Me and air horn are gonna have some gooood times together. Good Times.



    That is what I get for being a SLACKER. I bought you one. I was going to send it back to you in The Tin. I was going to giggle hysterically at the thought of you airhorning the hookers…

    Well, I guess I can still do that.

  2. could you possibly be more insane? i think not!

    don’t forget–that air horn went across the country with me–it was going to be my weapon if the need presented itself–i planned on deafening the would-be criminal. husbandito bought a lovely knife for the bears and/or killers, but i’m more of a pacifist…so i went the air horn route.

    your pictures are tooooo funny.

  3. HAHAHAHAAH! I love it! Especially the last pic, but seriously

    You MUST

    take a picture of air horning the hookers. That would be priceless.

  4. You are having WAYYYYY too much fun with that airhorn and it is still in the package!!!
    Airhorn love…awwwww be still my heart.

  5. Hayden — Oh that is TOO FUNNY!! PLEASE do feel free to send the 2nd air horn. John is getting unbelievably jealous of the relationship developing between me & hornie. So if you send yours, then he can have his own. YAY!

    Daff, does that mean you got your necklace??! OH WAIT!! I JUST CHECKED YOUR BLOG AND YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh I can’t wait to read about it. Hold on. OH be still my heart — this is WONDERFUL. I couldn’t be happier – it looks gorgeous on you. I truly hope you enjoy it. xoxo

    Curl, YOU ARE THE BEST. Air horn & me — it’s like a match made in heaven. And I can’t tell you how much he likes Philly! We just got back from the Zoo and lunch at the Indian buffet, and even though it is pouring rain, it’s all sunshine & happinesss. PS: John is a bit jealous. Shhhhh. Gotta keep it on the DL.

    OrSo, For once, I CAN’T WAIT for the hookers to come out. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!! John is planning on videotaping air horn’s debut, so I’ll be sure to post it whenever that happens. SO EXCITING!!

    Connie, how can you NOT love the Sports Blaster Ultimate??! I AM A WINNER!!!!!!!! It says so on the package.

  6. Oh you know it baby.

    Unfortunately my silly photos seem to have gone – POOF! into the ether..

    Is wordpress trying to tell me something? Granted, the shot of me open-mouthed air horning my nether regions wasn’t the most flattering pic ever, but still… Oh well. All you late-comers will just have to use your imagination. Good luck.

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