My friends are the BEST.

THANK YOU, everyone, for your incredible expressions of sympathy. I cannot tell you how much it cheered me up. Seriously. you guys are the BEST.

The past few days I’ve felt like something on the bottom of a shoe, but today the sky is blue, the birds are singing and all seems right again w/ the world. It stings to look out the back window and see Prudence’s lonely hutch there w/out her. But I made arrangements to pick up her ashes in a couple weeks, and returning her to the place she loved will bring closure to the circle. I didn’t realize it would take so long to have a private cremation for a rabbit. But for only $85, who’s complaining? That wouldn’t even cover my toenails at a funeral parlor.

The insurance companies are handling the accident claim. It’s good to know we’re getting something out of allll thatt moneeeyyy spent on insurance.

SO. I have been unbelievably busy the past couple weeks, and feel like I haven’t been blogging, or even reading blogs. I have no time. NONE. I’m only on the computer b/c I snuck away. My daughters are now both home for the summer. The next 11 weeks. I counted.

C’MMMOONNN August 26th!!!!

Who knew two sweet girls could be such ruffians? I am not joking. These kids fight all day long. If one of them isn’t complaining abut the other, it’s probably b/c they’re plotting something else. SERIOUSLY, I need one of those tiny tape recorders so I don’t go hoarse. W/ the touch of a button I’d simply start the playback loop:
PICK UP YOUR [insert item].
ICE CREAM IS NOT BREAKFAST, and BY THE WAY DID you have to leave it out on the coffee table??? ARE YOU SLOW?? Did you not think I would be pissed that a) you were eating ice cream at 6 o’clock in the morning??, and b) THAT YOU LET IT MELT?? all over the effing table. next to a PILE OF CHIPS. You two stink at this. You have to be SNEAKY. SNEAAAAAAKKKKY. That means putting it ALL BACK before I come down here in the morning. But no…

Yes, I am going a little insane. For some reason, these kids want to be entertained 24/7. They think I am Julie, your cruise director from the Love Boat. I guess it’s my fault. We have been renting the first season of Love Boat episodes from Netflix and MAN, my daughters are HOOKED. My husband has given up. He was patient for a little while, as long as I plied him with a steeping quantity of wine and/or whiskey, but no more. He says he has reached his Love Boat limit. Granted, the shows are a little formulaic. And YES you do know what is going to happen as soon as the passengers board. The acting’s bad. I know it’s not PBS. BUT He just doesn’t understand. I spent hours watching the Love Boat as a child. It was **MAGICAL**.

ANYWAY, John graduated Saturday. and now is the proud owner of a masters degree in Information Science. We’d made plans to attend commencement, but at the very last minute John changed his mind. so we went to the Borgata instead. I have to say, WAY TO GO JOHN! a MUCH more pleasant way to spend a Saturday night. After stuffing our faces at the Buffet, John & the girls hit the beach and Mom-Mom & I hit the slots. LO & BEHOLD, those sneaky tricksters at the Borgata played a shell game w/ my secret luckiest winningest machine and MOVED IT. Damn! Oh well. I won $47 on another machine, and John’s grandmom won $94. I like winning money. Almost as much as being sent UNBELIEVABLY MARVVVELOUS PRESENTS IN THE MAIL when I least expect them! WOW.

JUST LOOK at this absolutely STUNNING scarf I rec’d yesterday from my brilliant pal Tracey. Who soooooo totally ROCKS!!! Thanks so much Trace!!!!!!!! As you can see, Kiwi has already made herself comfortable. I LOVE IT.

9 thoughts on “My friends are the BEST.

  1. “For some reason, these kids want to be entertained 24/7. ”

    My dad used to make us go outside and wouldn’t let us in until 6pm. Kids today!

    P.S. I am very glad you snuck away to let us know that you are alive and feeling better!

  2. it’s called SUMMER CAMP–that will take of the kiddos! 🙂 lol. glad you’re feeling better today. i lurve the pic of you, the scarf, and kiwi. xoxo

    ps. you must have a ‘black label’ card at borgata. don’t lie. you know you do.

  3. That bird of yours cracks me up! A very nice addition to your lovely sweater. Glad things are going a teensy bit better. Siblings bickering is at least normal, and probably payback. At least if you ever had siblings. My poor hubby was an “only” and just didn’t understand when our three bickered. They could even make Chess a contact sport! As for Love Boat, what could be more perfect for summer viewing!

  4. Hayden, that sounds verrry much like us. We spend a ton of time outside, but unfortunately living in the city I can’t just let them outside w/out actually BEING with them. There is something to be said for living in the suburbs w/ a big fenced-in yard. Though I think the rest of it would kill me. 😉 I am waiting for my farm in the country! Some day…..

    YES Curl – but unfortunately summer camp is EXPENSIVE. I will have to investigate poor people options. Hah! The photo is too funny. John snapped it off quick and Kiwi is always hamming it up. Crazy bird. PS: I have a wimpy Red card, and when I checked it Sat night they said I still have $0 slot dollars. WAH. How much you gotta spend to get a little LOVE w/ some folks, huh??!

    Gracias Senor Pedro! Happy weekend to you too. 🙂

    Tracie, I am so glad to hear your kids fought like cats & dogs too. And I couldn’t agree more w/ your “comeuppance” theory. My sister & I were brutal to one another. God certainly has a good sense of humor..

  5. Hey, my sister told me she found me floating in the sewer, rescued me and had to put up with me ever since. I spent years convinced I was adopted and my parents just didn’t want to admit it! Now we’re good friends. And my boys are very close now that they are grown. Besides, just think…some day your kids will have kids fighting – when they complain to you, you can just laugh maniacally!

  6. Hey ! Look at the pretty bird and the lady with a fancy scarf… oooh errr wrong way around, try again!
    Hey look at the pretty lady and the bird with a fancy scarf! (not sure if that sounds right either!)
    I’m just so glad it turned up, I was beginning to doubt if I had actually posted it…
    My brother and I used to fight like cat and dog, we still would if we got the chance! having said that, my two don’t fight much at all. They are way too close for my liking sometimes! My daughter idolises her big brother and he doats (is that a word) on his little sister. I remember them having spats when they were little but I think it’s because there is almost 6 years between them…
    My pc is now working so this week I should be a better blogger!

  7. LOVE the Bird!!!! and the scarf, you look lovely. Believe it or not, there will come a time when you find all this child stuff completely hilarious and you, your husband and the girls plus whoever else may come along will sit around saying remember the time….plus they will have children one day…payback is SWEET!!! Ask my daughter when I laugh maniacally (sp?) about her children doing stuff.

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