Sorry I’ve been AWOL..

The past few weeks for me have been interminably long. In a good way, though. Somehow, it just feels as though time started and stopped mid-October, and although days keep progressing on, I’m somehow fixed within the calendar. Three weeks ago, I was in New York. The night was blustery, raining, just plain ugly, but I was giddy inside. John and I had gotten tickets to the premier of a movie we’d discovered a year before. A Cricket in the Court of Akbar. The tale of a white guy from Texas, who discovers Indian music and falls in love… with the sitar. He learns to play, and eventually goes to India – to win a music competition – not once, but twice. TRUE STORY, by the way. I’d stumbled upon the trailer on youtube months and months ago, it struck such a chord (no pun intended). When I found out the movie was premiering at the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea October 25th, I bought tickets w/out hesitation. That night, girls safely deposited at John’s grandmother’s, the weather miserable, I was elated. Few things matter to me more than a truly compelling story, and I was not disappointed. After a meal of sushi & Sapporo, we made our way to the museum. John got seats in the front row. We watched as the star and director sat directly beside us. WOW. The movie… just plain amazing. Captivating, start to finish. Afterward, Andrew Mendelson answered audience questions. We got home late, tired, bleary eyed, and happy.

The next week wrought another tremendous surprise. As a lifelong Philadelphian, I know I fall prey to the mentality of doubt which pervades this city like so much garbage. A year ago, Philadelphians were rumored to be the ugliest people in the nation, according to a poll conducted by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Before that we endured the whole FAT THING, with the American Obesity Association ranking Philadelphia in the top ten for overweight people SIX YEARS IN A ROW. In sum, Philadelphians have long succumbed to being the less worthy, less interesting, less sophisticated shadows of our cosmopolitan cousins to the north and south.

Until October 29th… when somehow, someway this city rose above its tarnished image to win the title of WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. No longer would Philadelphians be the has-beens, the not-quites, those sorry sacks incapable of sealing the deal. We were WINNERS! and BOY was victory sweet. We turned out by the millions to celebrate on Halloween Day. To cheer on our beloved Phils, and to embrace something not felt for 28 years. The thrill of success. And that collective charge made us – as a city, and as a people, ONE.

Last week, fate parlayed Philadelphia’s victory onto the nation. NO LONGER WILL THE WORLD SCORN – B/c November 4th 2008, Barack Obama made history. His election, like Philly’s World Series Championship, has restored the faith of – not just millions of people across the Delaware Valley, but BILLIONS WORLD WIDE. By becoming the 44th President of the United States, and the first of hopefully many of color, Barack Obama proved – for once and for all – that we are not prisoners of our checkered history.

In the ensuing days I have done many things on a personal level. Hours of work went into the upgrading of my eponymous low sodium recipe site, THE DAILY DISH, which launched the same day as the election. I’ve spent nearly every day since in the kitchen, testing recipes, taking photographs, and having an exhausting but grand ole time reacquainting myself w/ what it’s like to be creating art on a daily basis. Last Thursday we took in an unbelievable lecture by the world famous Dr. Irene Pepperberg, whose African Grey Parrot, Alex, changed the world’s perception of what a “bird brain” really is. You KNOW I was first in line for the signing too, tears in my eyes. “To Christy & Kiwi, with kindest regards, Irene & Alex.”

My dad spent last weekend with us – leaving Tuesday morn. And now my beloved sister and her brand new & FABBBBULOUS boyfriend are coming Saturday afternoon. Leaving me two days to get the house in order for the ensuing chaos, once again. To meet with the girls teachers for parent conferences, to assess direction and performance. To commune with nature and spot another Ruby-Crowned Kinglet . To do all the schtuff that one needs to do, always.

Having spent many, many days now listening to the radio, to people’s opinions, to stories of what is happening to our nation, to the world’s economy.. Listening to the election recap, hearing how people are being slaughtered in the Congo, how the civilian casualties are rising in Afghanistan.. I can’t help but wonder.. WHERE ARE WE HEADED NEXT? As bad as things seem – and they do seem dire for a whole lot of people – sitting here typing away in Philadelphia. I remain hopeful. Things which seemed impossible even a month ago, today are reality. I cannot help but wonder, WHAT NEXT??

Barack Obama accomplished something the critics never thought possible. And unbelievably, Philadelphia did too. Can you imagine what could happen if we as a collective envisioned victory in a way we never had before – and MADE IT HAPPEN? The possibilities are endless.

12 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been AWOL..

  1. i missssed you. i love catching up on your life…isn’t it weird that i know more about what you’ve been up to in the last month than i know what my neighbor’s been doing??? the internet is weird like that, i guess.

    glad to read all the good stuff. (except the phillies part…damn yankees.)

    have a good visit with your sis and we’ll talk next week. xoxo

  2. DITTO…CWG!!! I did get exhausted just reading what you have been up to…I can feel the hope and excitement in your writing! I totally understand being made to feel less worthy…Southerners are always depicted as slow, overweight etc. and there is SO MUCH MORE!!! The media always seems to hone in on someone that least represents the area, i.e. for years, we always heard about how rude and abrasive “yankees” (esp NYC) were and during any visit I have ever made I was always treated kindly and with respect.
    Glad everyone is well and have a great time with your sister!

  3. My heart is LIFTED and this truly is a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!

    (One little quibble. I think Obama is the 44th President of the US, but since I am too lazy to Google it, I may as well shut up.)

    I just checked out the video and OH MY GOD, it gave me goosebumps. That’s exactly how I feel about music; it goes from the heart of the one playing into the heart of the one listening or dancing. Just beautiful.

  4. wow-sounds like a super exciting weekend. Jon will be interested to know how fabulous he is already.
    I think that Obama is number 44-Hayden is right but who is counting??
    can’t wait to see you guys!!

  5. Yay, you’re back, and yay, you’ve been having fun! Your movie night in NY sounds fabulous! I always liked Philadelphia, for what it’s worth. I missed out on several opportunities to go there in high school, so I’ve always promised myself a trip someday…

  6. Hi,

    I can’t find where to email you, so I’m posting this comment. I saw your post about EastEnders, and wondered if you know about my FREE, weekly EastEnders e-newsletter. We organize all sorts of fan activities here in NYC, and we had fans from as far away Australia attend.

    And most importantly, there’s a benefit for EastEnders on WLIW here on Thursday night.

    If you’re interested in getting more info, or being added to my mailing list, please email me.

  7. YO YO YO Curly babe!! I have not gotten a chance to visit and read up on yer life yet – hope all is well. Also, I hope you do not have psycho neighbors b/c from the sound of it.. you probably would not know until TOO LATE. xoxo

    THANKS CONNIE!! We had a terrific time this weekend. As for the disparaging remarks – unfortunately ignorance knows no bounds.. Fortunately, WE KNOW BETTER. Hah!

    Oh Hayden, I understood. AND I love you too!! **SWAK** PS: Yes you are right. Obama is the 44th president, but I will not be changing it. He’s so far ahead of the game, in my book he’s already 45th.

    YES MY LOVELY SUZANNE, Jon is indeed fabulous! And Obama is 44th. Except here where he’s 45th. FOREVERRRRR. Love ya babe!

    Heyya HellCat! Have to catch up w/ you later. Hope all’s well. xo

    Daff – we watched the silliest movie the other night – Run FatBoy Run – and I kept thinking of you. Have you seen it???

    Tracie & Connie, Let me know when you are coming. Cheesesteaks are on ME!

    Debbie – love your blog. And thanks so much for the info!! Please add me to the newsletter.

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