PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Since I didn’t get round to sending out cards this year – or photos for that matter, here are my belated greetings. I actually considered buying discount cards the day after Christmas, but frankly what’s the point. Now that I’ve reconciled what used to be a bank account, I am WAY GLAD I got those 5 calendars for half price.

Sooooooo what have you all been up to these past 2 weeks…..????????

REALLY:: You don’t say// NOOOOO???!! WOW.

Me?? WEeeeelllll. We went to Hotlanta for the holidays. And it was HOT. WELL. Not really, but it was warm. On Christmas afternoon we went walking, the sky was gorgeous blue and we didn’t have to wear coats, let alone mittens, hats and scarves. Though my sister gave me a sweet hat for Christmas – which I LOVE.  Kiwi REALLY likes it too.


We had a grand ole time w/ my family. We played Trivial Pursuit and discovered that the official language of Latvia is LATVIAN. No fooling. Then we played Bingo. It was fun, but we all agreed it would have been better if we were playing for money. We drank wine. LOTS OF WINE. Now that my 2008 Wine Challenge is officially over, I am having difficulty giving it up. I blame it on the kids.  No.  Really.  Each time I go to stock up, the clerk eyeballs me suspiciously.  Like WHAT THE HELL”S THIS SEMI-ATTRACTIVE WOMAN DOING WITH TWELVE BOTTLES OF WINE??!  I always mention my children.  And the clerk, without fail, nods knowingly and asks to carry the box to my car.  SO. I am loath to stop drinking.  But what with the economy and our depleted savings, let’s face it.  I am going to have to cut my consumption altogether or switch to TRULY cheap hooch. My husband kindly left some adult juice boxes in my stocking.  Thanks babe.


BUT don’t think you weren’t on my mind too.  I thought of some of you particularly whilst we made our hellishly long 28 hour car ride there and back. We passed exits for Raleigh (Hayden), Greenville (HellCat) and finally Columbia, SC (Connie). I considered swinging by for a spontaneous visit, but thought you all deserved a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are not exactly at our Ellingsworth best after so many hours in the car. Especially after dealing with the endless stream of Left Lane Charlies.  And by Left Lane Charlies I of course mean those persons who man the left lane ONLY.  Neither speeding, nor passing.  Just passing the time.  talking on their cell phones.  Conversing w/ passengers.  DRIVING A U-HAUL AND TOWING A CAR.  Along the way we did find time to buy fireworks, mostly b/c I Insisted and was at the wheel.  We set some off last night and MAN OH MAN was it fun.  My favorite was Halley’s Comet, which made a loud BANG and shot fire balls skyward..and then streetward..toward our neighbor’s car..after the package fell over.  Fortunately, as our neighbor was still out of town, NO HARM DONE.

And so here we are home.  And it’s the new year.  WOW.  My husband casually mentioned last night that 2009 marks 20 years since he graduated high school.  I nearly snarfed my wine.  OH MY GOOOOODDNESSSSSSSS.  20 years.  HOLY CRAP WE ARE OLD.

And on that note.  Bottoms up.


11 thoughts on “PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. *looking around, confused* who are you? i have a vague recollection of you…but simply can’t place your name or face… hmmmm. guess this is what happens when you don’t blog for SEVENTEEN DAYS. i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed you.

  2. Oh, good, you’re done with that boring ‘real life’ stuff, and back to the REAL world of blogging! Now the fun begins, eh? Just kidding, but I do think this is gonna be a REALLY GREAT YEAR! I can just feel it…

  3. You’re bacccccccccccckkkk…yes you were terribly missed! I cannot believe how close you were to all of us! Glad you enjoyed the lovely “Southern” weather. I always think I want to live somewhere (again) that it snows for real…then I think of hats, boots, heavy coats, snow shovels… Anywho Happy 2009!

  4. YAYAYAYAY! I was wondering where you were, what was up. It has 2 decades for Chris too. I find that hilarious. (Don’t hurt me!)

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Hayden in the HIZZAY!

  5. WOWZA! Time to finally catch up on all of these lovely comments.

    MTAE, it is good to know he is not the only one – though I suspected as much. Hope you & your family had a wonderful holiday season!!

    Curly babe – I misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed you TOO! Now if I can just get some time to read all you’ve been up to since my departure. Hope you had a lovely Christmas & extra fun NYE. xoxoxo

    Hey Daff! YES Kiwi says she’s just waiting for YOU. Is that code language?? Happy New Year – and thanks so much for the card!

    Happy New Year Bouncy!! All the best to you too. Will catch up (hopefully today) on all that’s been happening.

    Speaking of being back – YAY! Pans of Steel!!! No more MIA – that goes for BOTH OF US. xo

    Heyya Trace! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Been getting a million hits on your PB fudge recipe. It’d make your g-ma proud. Happy New Year!

    Connie baby — I was oh so tempted to trespass on your kindness, but thought it’d be best to leave our friendship intact. I am having a time readjusting to the cold. There’s def. something to be said for Georgia in the winter, though summer’s another story… Happy 2009!! and (almost) BIRTHDAY! WOOT!

    Oh Hayden! I’ve missed you. Tell Chris that John & MTAE welcome him to the old heads club. I will be joining them shortly, but for now am feigning ignorance. Love you babe!! xoxoxo

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