Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.

My sister has recently become engaged and I for one am getting WAY EXCITED.  Not only is this going to be great for her. but also for ME.

SISTER: We are getting married!

ME: WOW!  Congrats!!!


ME:  SOOOooooooo…… Are you going to have a wedding party?  I mean, b/c if you ARE, then (ahem) you might like (cough) ME to be your (cough-cough) Maid of Honor, right>?  Seeing as I asked you to be mine. and ALL.  I MEAN, that’s only fair.  Right>? No pressure.  RIGGGHHT>>??

So after being asked so sweetly I of course agreed to be Maid of Honor.  Or, in my case (since I am already hitched) – MATRON of Honor.  I know what you’re thinking.  Matron of Honor sounds like an old prune face having trouble making number 2.  And I couldn’t agree more.  But I am going to put the FUN in Matro(FU)N of Honor!  YAY!

My first question though – what exactly does a Matro(fu)N of Honor DO?  Sure.  I get to stand up at the altar and look good. alongside my sister.  But.. what else?  My husband made a comment about the bachelor party a while back.  And that got me thinking..  Isn’t that my job?  Planning the bachelorette party>>?  If SO. I have a feeling this Matro(FU)n of Honor role is custom tailored to yours truly.  NOT that I am a pervy weirdo who likes baking penis shaped cookies or anything.  But still.  I think I could come up w/ some hooting fun for a group of intoxicated women.  If the need arose.

Unfortunately. I live 1200 miles away from my sister.  B.c of my freaky ear disease I don’t fly.  So I fear this is going to make fun a little difficult to come by.  I was going to suggest to my sister that she plan the party such that I can drive both ways out to Las Vegas (you know, like 2 weeks each way) but I think my kids might miss me a bit.  And my husband might not like it.  When he mentioned the bachelor party he had an impish little grin on his face, but then when I suggested I would be planning the bachelorette party, he looked a little surly.  And then said something about how people nowadays really should be classier.

Does that mean this isn’t the best choice for my gown?  They are getting married in HOTlanta, you know.

9 thoughts on “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.

  1. wellllllll…the sleeves being long enough would not be an issue 🙂 and that is ALL I am saying about the dress heehee

    I am sure you will take your matrofun of Honor duties quite seriously and a good time will be had by ALL.

  2. Oookay. Just to clarify:

    1) I AM supposed to be the matron of honor at my sister’s wedding. That part was true.

    2) The rest of this post was basically a joke.

    That dress is NOT WHAT I AM WEARING. (!!!)_ Oh MY GOOODNESSSS. My sister must be laughing her butt off somewhere..

  3. Ummm. I thought that I got to choose what you wear. How amazing is that? I do think sea foam green or canary yellow would suit you better. Do you have a parasol or do we need to order one?


    No. You are not going to make me carry a parasol and I will tell you why. 2 words. TWIRLY UMBRELLA. You give me one – the girls will insist as well. And then all hell breaks loose. And your wedding day will forever be known as the day Uncle Jack lost an eye.

  5. One of my sisters got married in the living room. It was very special having a home wedding. The day before the wedding, she was in the Old Port picking up her date or carrot cake, I think, when she came across a young guy playing the penny whistle. She asked him if he had any plans for the next day. Since he didn’t, she asked him if he wanted to play his music at her wedding. He did. He was awesome! He played the violin, as well as the penny whistle (if I remember correctly), while sitting in a chair on the hearth.
    Another suggestion would be to offer the crab apple tree in the spring as a canopy under which your sister could get married. The apple blossoms are beautiful! Abbie

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