Putting the DAILY back in the DISH.

Every so often I remember that I have a BLOG!  And suddenly I’m dropping everything to get back in touch with my writerly side. I used to do this all the time- get in touch with myself – but as I’ve gotten older I seem to be touching myself less.

Back in the day things were different.  I could blog freely.  My kids were small and as long as I gave them ample attention I could just type away.  My whole life was open game.  But now?  NOPE.  I can’t even discuss the fact that my daughter is starting college because discretion.

But my fingers WANNA DO THE TALKING!!!!!  I may be middle aged now but I have my needs.  And writer’s block is a real thing (I’ve read) and I don’t want that.  It sounds bad.  My digits are all rested up and ready to go.  The time is now.  To put that DAILY back in the DISH.  Or, if not daily, at least more often than every 2 months, or MORE- sheesh.  See you tomorrow!

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    1. Hey Harry! Yeah, FB and Twitter don’t do it for me either- though I do enjoy Instagram. Hoping I can get back in the blogging saddle! Maybe you will join me! YAYYYY

  1. Hi Dishy! I’d love to read more from you, old blogging friend! You always had great stories! I, too, have been thinking about blogging again. I’ve been away so long and my life has changed completely. I wouldn’t know where to begin. My blog would need a Chapter Two! First, I started by getting a new password! Plus becoming familiar with WP again was a chore! Geeez! Good luck to you! 😍


      Seriously. Tammy, I would LOVE to read all about your new life. The romance, the intrigue, the EVERYTHING. DO IT!!!!


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