The moment you’ve all been waiting for… has FINALLY ARRIVED. YES FOLKS, everyone’s favorite SLOB, the divine Curly Wurly Gurly, has come to PHILLY. And I was there to document every fantabulous moment.

So go grab some candy, sit back, relax, and click HERE to watch the world premier of MY VERRRY FIRST MOVIE EVERRRR!!




  1. i have no words. it is far too early for insane humor like this. i was peeing my pants and SNORTING with laughter.

    you are a digital genius. seriously. i loved every second–the kids on the way to school were too funny. and WHO were those men who touched me?! why is there a bird on my head?!!? tucking me was such a cute touch.

    the cheesesteak looked delish…and for the record, i’m a yankees fan–even when they lose!

    i’m so glad i don’t have school again this week. you SLOBS are in trouble because i’m pulling out all the stops on my next production.

  2. That was HILARIOUS!!!! I love the club music at the end, I love the factthat Kiwi looked like she was going to eat CWG then decided to use her as a perch, the porch scene sent me into hystericas, and the Rocky segment was insane.

    Love it!

  3. The “flat” players remind me of SNL Mr. Bill without the misadventures! I am going to choke to death one of these mornings…either that or need dry undies…good thing I carry a spare…oops too much information! Looks like CWG had a great time in Philly!

    P.S. Philly Cheesesteaks OMG…I have obviously never seen a real one only paltry imitations! Want…One…NOW…for breakfast!

  4. Ver’ funny, Dish-Dish!

    I really think jimsmuse has started a localized epidemic of frayed-shoestring budget digimovies and I also think we’re going to start hearing more stories of motorists who had accidents because they were filming while driving.

  5. LOVED IT!!! In fact I really, really, really think you need another one featuring a girl’s day/night w/ ALL the SLOBs! Ok, I’m off to see the other movies mentioned here – I’m SO addicted!

  6. This is “The Husban-dito”. That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not so sure Nat would really eat a cheesesteak though. Ha! Thanks for the laugh.

  7. HEY EVERYONE! I just want to say THANKS! for taking the time to watch my movie. I had a blast making it. OTHER THAN the whole upload purgatory that is youtube. Am I the only one to have this happen? You try to upload your movie. Everything seems to be going fine. You are waiting while it uploads. It says it will take 70-plus minutes. You are patient. Folding laundry from your psychopathic washer/dryer and sorting socks. You keep checking your damn computer every 3 minutes to keep the connection going. Check and check. Then when there’s less than 5 minutes to go, suddenly an error button POPS UP OUT OF NO WHERE informing you that your internet timed out – WHICH IT DAMN WELL DIDN”T! and so you have to do the whole effing thing AGAIN. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN YOU GET THE SAME RESPONSE WHICH MAKES YOU NEARLY TOSS THE F*%&!ING COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is Thank GOD for IT whiz husbands who talk you down when you most need it.

    LOVED making the movie. HATED uploading it.

    HEYYA JEN! Well… I guess we’d just be “internet friends” except that now I’ve kissed her, fed her and tucked her in. So I guess that makes us more than friends. PS: The pets all send their loooove.

    Curly babe. YOU ROCKED PHILLLY. You KNOW you did! The girls miss you and want you to come home.

    Hayden – SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! xo

    Connie, one of these days you will get to Philly and we will go for cheesesteaks. There is NOTHING like a foil-wrapped slice of heaven.

    PANS! Happy to be part of the first, but Oh so glad I didn’t start the latter!

    THANKS TRACE! I was thinking the very same thing myself.. Now WHO will film it??! Ohhh Cuuurrrllllyy….

    HEY! It’s the DITO!! So glad you enjoyed the movie!

  8. don’t worry dishy…i’m working on a small film that i hope to debut sometime in the next few days. you never know who will have cameo roles…

    as for the torture that is youtube…don’t even tell me about it. FIRST i had to convert the file from media to something else (10+ minutes) and then upload it to youtube (3 attempts, 2 failures 100+ minutes). my video MYSTERIOUSLY loaded at some point. then i had to wait for it to be “processed”. youtube, i so don’t love you.

  9. YIPPPEE! Can’t WAIT to check it out!!

    PS: I am still wondering how anyone gets anything up on youtube. It has NEVER EVERRR EVERRRRR worked for me. Months ago I did a couple video wine reviews and gave up – couldn’t get the damn things uploaded.

  10. Hi! I’m Natalie’s (Curly Wurly Gurly’s) mom and wanted to thank you for the laugh–I needed it. You’re very clever and I loved when you sang the Rocky theme song as my daughter “ran” up the steps to the museum. Hysterical!

  11. WOW! Curly’s MOM!!! I am HONORED. And you are so welcome. Having Flat Nat around the house has been so much fun — my younger daughter totes her around everywhere. Last night we all had HOMEMADE LASAGNA. Yum-Yum.

    Thanks TSWCBYY08!!

  12. yes, my mom loved your flick…i showed her yesterday when i visited. even my dad got a chuckle! she got nervous when you had me dangling out over the river… thanks, pal. 🙂 xoxo

  13. Terrific. Imagination , laughter , joy, and love are the greatest ingredients in the Daily Dishes you serve.

    I can envision a sequel of Curly at the Phillies World Series victory celebrations(God willing) .

  14. THANK YOU Daddy!! What a lovely thing to say. We can discuss sequels during your next visit.

    PS: Have fun watching the game tonight. GOOOOOO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!

    PPS: LOVE YOU!!!!! xoxoxo

  15. Omgoodness! I was giggling my pants off! Lucky Curly got the top bunk! I am super jealous!

    🙂 PS – thank you for all the sweet and funny comments! xxOOxx

  16. Carrie – I’ve tried entering like 3 times!! But it doesn’t work – are you moderating the contest??

    MEOW Cat!! So glad you liked it! I had a blast reading your blog last night. Thanks for making the Phils loss much more tolerable. 😉 xo

  17. No Problem doll face! You can really thank my children for the constant insanity on my page!! You should see what my Canadian Bacon has done to me this week. Just updated the page. She has been a mean booger!!! ha!

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