1. now i see where you’ve been hiding all day. this movie-making thing is gettin’ outta hand! lolz. your wine tasting was very cute…but i was just wondering…why are HUSBAN-DITO’s pirate pants hanging on the wall over your left shoulder? is there some hanky-panky going on here?!?


    Tell Dito to keep his pants on!!! NOoo.That red & white striped thing is an old blankie we use to cover Kiwi’s cage when it gets cold. I admit it does look suspicious though…

    As for the wine glasses — I would LOVE SOME. We’re down to like 3 – I am washing them daily, as you can imagine.. Thanks so much for the offer!

  3. @HellCat – Most every PC these days comes with “Windows Movie Maker” and most every Macs comes with “iMovie” — both programs are ridiculously easy to use. Add any digital camera that takes video and it’s all you need. If dishy can do it, anyone can! Give it a try, I would love to see the results!

    I take credit for all of this. Dishy, you and CWG only needed to hear how easy it was to unleash this storm of cinematic creativity!

    Oh, and I loved your review! I hope you can find a bottle of the Vampire wine to review for Halloween. I’m not sure if it will be funnier if you love it or hate it, but you just gotta!

  4. Oh CURLY! You are too sweet! So much better than GLOW IN THE DARK! 😉

    YES Panny babe – at some point I figured out how to flip the video properly, but I can’t seem to do it again. ..lleW hO

    Heyya HELLCAT! No need for me to respond, the lovely Carrie has already done that for me. Gracias!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHH! No need for MODESTY HERE Carrie.. VAMPIRE WINE, here I come (ready or not) and I think I saw some others too — werewolf??

  5. you crack me up. swillin’ the whole time. you’re such a boozer! JK – (I am too 🙂 ) I see now why you’re glad I didn’t come last night- it would have thrown a monkey wrench in your hippo lovin’ !

  6. WELL.. Haven’t been able to pick up Vampire wine. BUT will try to get it before Friday. Poor Georgia is home sick and I am trying to make headway on the new & improved Daily Dish site. A TON OF WORK.
    PS: Last night’s Phils game has left all of Philadelphia sick, but that’s another story altogether.

    Now onto your comments..
    Thank you for your question, Mssc54. That shadowy figure would be my bodyguard so WATCH OUT!

    Connie, KEEP IT COMING!! LOL xoxo

    Oh my lovely Erika, Nothing beats a little hippo action. YOU KNOW IT! 😉

  7. Those sound effects had me laughing so hard I almost peed! (I said almost…. I’m only 39, still good!)
    Too funny… I often buy cheap wine for my wino….’erm I mean husband but he’s a little on the tubby side… I wonder if it would take offence? It’s not gentle enough is it?

  8. HAH! Daff – your hubs will probably love the hippo! Good luck!

    No rush Curly babe — thanks again for the offer. Best of luck w/ the party! Looking forward to hearing ALLL about it.

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