SO.  I’m standing in the kitchen this morning, enjoying a nice banana scone, when in walks my blog.  He looks awful and he smells even worse, like he’s been up half the night drinking.  He looks at me and announces in a wounded voice that we’re 2 weeks into the new year and – he says – I’ve done just one post.

YES!  I retort, but Interview with a Roller Girl wasn’t some slapdash diatribe regaling the world w/my favorite choice of deodorant (cucumber green tea); it was THOUGHT PROVOKING STUFF.  With formatting, photos and everything.

He scoffs, and proceeds to tell me that my friend Kim did most of the work.  Then he helps himself to the last scone.

I am stunned.  THE LAST SCONE?!  Now that’s going a bit too far.  I grab him by the arm of his dirty shirt and toss him out into the snow.  Deaf to his screams of LET ME BACK IN YOU SELF-ABSORBED MORON! I lean against the counter and think…

Hmmm..  I have been spending a lot of time lately with his brother.  Why, just this morning, when I wrote that banana scone recipe, I did find myself lingering..

BUT. can you blame me?  I mean, seriously.  I’m only human.

And then all at once – it dawns on me.  He’s jealous!  My blog! after all these years..  He’s feeling NEEDY.  While whiling away the hours with his brother, whipping up intoxicating creations for the salt deprived, my poor blog is.. Lonely.  Oh, the poor guy.

It’s not that I never think of him – I DO!  It’s just that I’ve been SO BUSY!  Cooking it up every day with his brother takes a lot out of a girl.  Yes that sounds bad, I admit, but.. I assure you it’s innocent.  Plus, there’s been the new puppy. Taking care of her has been totally absorbing, and  – What do you mean, what do I mean? Roxy.  The puppy.  The NEW PUPPY.  Oh?  I didn’t tell you?  (awkward)

(sound of crickets chirping)

Sooo, here’s Roxy!

No, not last week.  It’s been um.. more like a month.  Sorry about that.  I did post it on the OTHER Daily Dish.  So.  Yep…..

Okay.  I get it.  I understand.  My blog is tired of feeling sloughed off like an unwanted heel callous.  You know what?  I love my blog.  Even though I’ve been distracted, and haven’t been as attentive as in the past, that doesn’t mean I’ve forsaken him.  Like most marriages, this relationship between me & the blog is.. well, it’s special.  So I am resolving that this new year we start fresh.  I may have temporarily forgotten what it’s like to woo, but that doesn’t mean I can’t court with the best of them.  I can!  I CAN!  Blog baby, it’s gonna be different this year.  More daily contact — REALLY!  I’ll even take my socks off before touching your keyboard — b/c 2011, it’s all about YOU.

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      1. PS: Connie, just now while cleaning out the guinea pigs cages. it dawned on me. DO NOT SET YOUR BLOG UP WITH ANY OTHER BLOGS!! They will just spawn and then you’ll have an even bigger problem on your hands. AHHHHH!!!

  1. As long as a LUSH review is in your blog’s future! I have been dying to read it!! ‘What will she say? How sassy will she be?? What did she BUY?” Inquiring mind wants to know!

    1. Ahhh, LUSH. The Stonyfield Farm of body care. I will put a review on my agenda. (Blog says Thank You.) (And he thinks you look great.) I think he’s sucking up a bit, but I think you look great, too. XO

  2. The scones look delicious but should be round.

    Roxy looks like she will be huge!! She is very cute.

    I am very glad my blog doesn’t speak to me! Who knows what it would say! I post 3 times per week instead of the 7 times I used to do. However, this is a new version of my former blog. Perhaps it’s too young to talk back and whinge. Hmmmm…

    1. ROUND?! What are you — BRITISH>??! Oh wait. you are. Pardon me.

      Roxy wants to give you a big sloppy kiss and then chew on your arm. And then go outside and eat turkey poop. And then come back inside and go to the bathroom. I am hoping she’ll be big. And will be housebroken at some point in the near future.

      You post 3 times a week!! Definitely still the honeymoon phase. Unfortunately it’s just a matter of time before your new trophy blog starts acting up. “I want to go hang out w/ the boys,” etc. Sigh..

      1. Yeah, like I’d want a big sloppy kiss after she’s eaten turkey poo! Ewww!!

        ROUND is the ONLY shape for scones. All other shapes are right out. All imitations must be eaten in order to compare them against the genuine item…. meaning you must send samples of your wedge-shaped scones for scientific research.

        1. I’ve only had round scones in England. They were very dry and peppered with currants or raisins or sultanas; the US scones have all been wedge shaped and (I must say) DELICIOUS. Maybe Americans associate round only with biscuits?? From my own scientific research I much prefer the tasty, moist, wedge shaped American scones. I did find another scone recipe this weekend which says to simply drop the batter straight onto the baking sheet. They didn’t have a close up photo — but from what I could see they didn’t look too good… I think I’m going to pass.

          1. YES and no. Biscuits to a Brit are indeed cookies, but to an American they’re a flaky, buttery bread product, which can be – but typically is not (unto itself) – sweet. See Wikipedia for a great comparison of the two.

    1. Poor CWG. That sad old gal stopped trying months ago. Now she’s just sitting in her old bathrobe eating ice cream out of the tub. Fantasizing that one day her old SLOB pals will swing by and visit..

  3. You have been spending a lot of time with the “other brother.” 😉 Wonderful recipes! So many I can’t keep up.

    Roxy is too, too cute! Give her a good scratch behind her ears for me.

    Oh, and please don’t give my blog any ideas to moan and groan to me. If blogs had a “Blog Protective Services”, I’d be investigated, for sure, for NEGLECT! LOL

    1. Bro & I rendezvoused this morning over a steaming crockpot of chicken, mushrooms & beer. It was QUITE the affair. (GGRRRrrrooowll!) Roxy says you sound nice. And tasty. She would like to try your leg on for size. She’s teething so badly at present I’ve taken to soaking, then freezing washcloths for her to chew on. Good thing it’s only 3 degrees outside – I just stick them in ziplock bags and toss them into the yard. As for our disgruntled blogs, WATCH OUT. If they start talking we may never hear the end of it. Worse yet, there may be some sort of blog uprising. Goodness.

      Happy weekend!

  4. Roxy is gorgeous & is the spitting image of Rocky at puppy age. He was a Rotty I had about 15 years ago before we discovered the wonder of poodles.
    Blogging occasionally is better than not blogging at all. I was looking through old comments last week & there were a lot who have quit blogging. Many have totally abandoned or deleted their blogs in favour of, dare I say it, The Book of Face. I hate FB!!!

    1. Tony, I too hate FB. I held out joining, finally succumbing a year ago. At first I was sucked in by the lure of reconnecting w/ so many old friends. And truthfully, that part of it’s been great. but it’s such a time waste. And don’t get me started on the DRAMA. When people start airing dirty laundry in public, I find it downright embarrassing for us all.

      Roxy says THANKS! Funny coincidence, we have a Rocky in the family too (my sister’s French Bulldog). I love Rotties, but poodles are said to be incredibly smart as well — and for me, that’s key.

  5. Wow, I read the beginning of this as “in walks my DOG”, so while the puppy picture at the end made sense to me, the rest of it seemed INSANE. Why is your dog wearing a dirty shirt?! Why is your dog screaming?! Not that it made any more sense, exactly, when I realized my mistake, but at least I got the point.

    Also, why did I not know about your cooking blog up until now? Clearly I don’t pay your sidebar enough attention.

    1. My blog is insulted. He cannot believe you thought he was the dog. (He and the dog are not on the best of terms, as they both compete equally for my attention.) BTW Blog is giving you the eye, I think he likes you. (And he wants what you’re eating.) My recipe site seems to be the world’s best kept secret. Though it comes up on the first page when you google “salt free recipes” NOT that i check obsessively or anything. XO

      1. Whoa, that is awesome. You’re a superstar. donuts4dinner only turns up on the first page of anything because more-popular blogs have linked to it occasionally, and I don’t think Unapologetically shows up until page 1,024 no matter what you’re searching for.

        Maybe Blog and I should have a little get-to-know-you time later alone, ifyouknowwhatImean.

        1. Hah! I WISH. You could keep the blog satisfied while I’m off doing my own thing. Like eating. And sleeping. And watching TV on the couch w/ a big ole glass of wine.

          As for the recipe site. Salt free is so far from sexy it’s not even funny; prob. why my website’s still a best kept secret. Those google stats go up & down. Last week I was page one, now I am on page two. They bounce back and forth. NOT that I check obsessively or anything. 😉

  6. My blog was pissed off at me for the entire 6 months I worked this year. He was quite neglected and a lot of his friends stopped blogging suddenly, so he felt a bit lonely. He can relate, lol!

    By the way, I don’t know what I think looks better, those scones or that dog! Ha, ha, just kidding. I want both of them for myself right now. Brilliant photos of both, by the way.

    1. Thanks for the sweet compliments! So very sorry to hear about your job though (seriously that stinks); hopefully your blog’s joy at having you back is helping to cushion the blow – just a little 😉

  7. The scone looks delicious, that puppy looks gorgeous.

    Blogs can be demanding in their need for attention, I quite agree. I feel bad for mine when I ignore it – then find myself considering quite the most absurd topics to blog about.

  8. just came across your blog and what strikes me are the little details of the day you mention .. brings to mind the fact that life is too short to be so serious
    PS…cute puppy

    1. Thanks Anger Man! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog — yours btw is wonderful. Very serious stuff, but you seem to handle it with such ease. Keep up the great work!

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